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CONNEX Structure

The CONNEX Initiative consists of three pillars of complementary approaches that aim to cumulatively achieve the Initiative’s objective.



First Pillar – Information integration and accessibility
  Setting up and maintaining an online resource portal that brings together relevant tools and resources as well as details on those who can provide expert support when negotiating large-scale investment contracts.

Second Pillar – Independence and quality of advice for concrete negotiations
Strengthening advisory support provided to low-income country governments in their negotiation of complex commercial contracts
Ensuring support is more comprehensive and more responsive to government’s needs in order to ultimately contribute to fairer, more sustainable investment deals as drivers of development.
Applying the CONNEX Code of Conduct as a core element for improving the advice provided to developing countries.
Sharing of knowledge among existing support Providers.

Third Pillar – Building stakeholder’ capacities
Improving the delivery of capacity building methodologies ensure that low-income countries become better able to negotiate and monitor complex commercial contracts