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CONNEX History

Start at the 2014 G7 Summit in Brussels
To address the challenges developing countries face in negotiating large-scale investment contracts
the G7 Leaders, at their Brussels Summit in June 2014, announced
“a new initiative on Strengthening Assistance for Complex Contract Negotiations (CONNEX) to provide developing country partners with extended and concrete expertise for negotiating complex commercial contracts, focusing initially on the extractives sector”.
Download the Brussels Summit Declaration here

The objective of the CONNEX Initiative is thus to strengthen advisory support to low income country governments in their negotiation of complex commercial contracts, in particular to make the support available more comprehensive and more responsive to government’s needs and ultimately to contribute to fairer, more sustainable investment deals as drivers of development.

Reaffirmation during the 2015 G7 Summit in Elmau
During the German Presidency the G7 Summit in Schloss Elmau (Germany) in June 2015 reaffirmed the commitment to the CONNEX Initiative by endorsing also a Code of Conduct for support providers and by encouraging pilot projects to be undertaken under the banner of the CONNEX Initiative. The outcomes of the Elmau Summit in regard to the CONNEX Initiative were explicitly welcomed by a Decision of the African Union’s Assembly.
Download the Elmau Summit Declaration here and the Decision of the African Union’s Assembly here.

CONNEX Guiding Principes towards Sustainable Development at 2016 G7 Summit in Ise-Shima
At their Summit in Ise-Shima, held during the Japanese G7 Presidency in May 2016, the G7 Leaders committed to intensify the efforts under the CONNEX Initiative, among others by endorsing the CONNEX Guiding Principles towards Sustainable Development, designed to facilitate the mobilization of domestic resources in developing countries, contributing to the achievement of the SDGs.
Download the Ise-Shima Summit Declaration here.

Launch of the CONNEX Support Unit by Germany
During the G7 CONNEX Initiative International Conference on Capacity Building and Transparency held in Tokyo in September 2016 the German Chancellor’s Personal Representative for Africa, Mr. Günter Nooke, announced the establishing a CONNEX Support Unit by Germany. Subsequently, the CONNEX Support Unit was launched in January 2017. Its main function is to boost the CONNEX Initiative’s efficiency in delivering support to partner countries worldwide by providing assistance in complex contract negotiations, and to generate international support among like-minded countries and private donors.