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Governance Structure




The work of the CONNEX Support Unit is guided and steered through a lean and efficient governance structure:



  • The Governing Board is the main decision making body. It consists of all stakeholders that provide funding to the CONNEX Support Unit. The Governing Board has the principle steering responsibility and appoints the members of the Advisory Committee.
  • The Advisory Committee is the key advisory body. The members – individuals with extended experience and outstanding expertise in the relevant sectors – provide high quality advice to the Secretariat and the Governing Board. They further help to promote the CONNEX Support Unit.
  • The Secretariat is the operational body. It is responsible for the provision of CONNEX support in large-scale contract negotiations and the management and supervision of experts.


Further details and information on the different bodies and their functions are displayed in the Governance Structure chart below.


connex support unit governance structure

Governing Board

Decision Making Body

Members: all agencies, organisations and

institutions which provide funding


CONNEX Support Unit Secretariat

Decision Making Body

Members: Secretariat Staff


Developing and Transition




Advisory Committee

Key Advisory Body

Members: highly experienced individuals

with outstanding expertise, covering

relevant regions and disciplines





reports back and is accountable to

requests support

and provides feedback

provides support in

large-scale contract