Welcome to the CONNEX Support Unit

The G7 CONNEX Initiative was established in 2014 with the objective to strengthen advisory support to governments of low-income countries in the negotiation of complex commercial contracts in the extractive sector.


The CONNEX Support Unit is the implementation body of the G7 CONNEX Initiative. It provides independent, high-quality, demand-oriented, multi-disciplinary and rapid support to governments of developing countries and transition economies during the negotiation of large-scale, complex investment contracts in the extractive sector. Established in 2017 by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, it is based in Berlin and is currently managed by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). The CONNEX Support Unit’s work is guided by an International Advisory Committee. A Secretariat is responsible for its day-to-day activities, including the implementation of support activities.

Representatives of governments of developing countries and transition economies that are facing ongoing or upcoming negotiations are invited to get in touch to get in touch with us.

In addition, government representatives as well as private sector entities and civil society organizations are invited to join the dialogue through the CONNEX Negotiation Support Forum which is currently organized by the OECD.




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The CONNEX Support Unit provides assistance to governments of developing and transition economies in negotiating or renegotiating large-scale, complex investment contracts, initially focusing on the extractive sector. The CONNEX Support Unit’s central aim is for countries to reach stable contracts that are commercially viable and contribute as much as possible to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.


Partnerships are crucial to achieving the 2030 Agenda goals. Sustainable Development Goal 17 urges the strengthening of the means of implementation and revitalization of global partnership for sustainable development. The CONNEX Support Unit offers such an opportunity for partnership to support the achievement of the SDGs.



CONNEX experts come from a variety of disciplines – all necessary to the successful negotiation of complex investment contract. All CONNEX experts are highly qualified leaders in their respective fields. They have rich track records in providing advisory services to governments, especially in contract negotiation.


Steps to connex

Getting support from CONNEX is simple and straightforward: get in touch with the CONNEX Support Unit Secretariat to prepare the official request letter. Before approval, this letter will go through a due diligence check and will be considered by the CONNEX governance structure. After successful completion of the review process, the support details will be agreed upon and implementation preparation will start immediately.

You can download a guide to the process here





Your request is eligible for support if you represent a government of a developing country or an economy in transition, and if your government is facing an ongoing or upcoming negotiation or renegotiation.



If you represent a Government Ministry or Office responsible for the negotiation of specific contracts or investment agreements, all you need to do is send us an informal email. We will then discuss with you the scope and content of the support.



After the initial discussions, the Government Ministry or Office responsible for the negotiation project sends a formal request letter (via email) to CONNEX. The formal request letter should include background information on the project and the timeline in which the support is needed.



Once we receive the request letter, it will go through our internal due diligence checks. After these checks are successfully completed, an official approval letter will be sent to the requesting government. We will then jointly discuss the next steps.



Our goal is to deliver support in a timely fashion. Throughout the process, we will make sure that your country’s specific needs provide the primary guidance for our recommendations and provision of support, including experts.