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Created in January 2017, the CONNEX Support Unit provides assistance to governments of developing as well as transition countries in negotiating, renegotiating or implementing large-scale, complex investment contracts, initially focusing on the extractive sector. We aim to provide rapid, independent, high-quality and multidisciplinary support.

The purpose of this support is to arrive at stable contracts that are commercially viable and contribute as much as possible to the sustainable development of host countries. For that purpose, the CONNEX Support Unit provides teams of experienced, international and local experts for requesting governments.

Large-scale complex investments are in focus because they are typically covered by contracts whose terms can have substantial impacts on host countries. They normally last for long time periods.

If you want to know more about the CONNEX Support Unit’s governance structure, read up here.


The CONNEX Support Unit is unique in offering assistance to all developing and transition countries, in its efforts to respond quickly to requests for support and in providing advisors with a wide range of expertise. Our support is

The CONNEX Support Unit provides support in response to requests by governments of host developing and transition countries. The scope, shape and content of support are tailored to the needs of the cases at hand. Representatives of governments receiving assistance participate in defining the support required in order to ensure that their needs are fully taken into account.

Rapid in response 
The CONNEX Support Unit attempts to minimize the time between receiving requests for support and fielding negotiating support.

The assistance provided by the CONNEX Support Unit is independent of any political, commercial, institutional, or religious affiliation. The international experts delivering negotiations support work in accordance with the CONNEX Code of Conduct and solely in the interest of the requesting governments.

The CONNEX Support Unit delivers high-quality support through international and local experts with extensive knowledge and practical experience. Experts are selected by the requesting governments, in consultation with the CONNEX Support Unit, according to needs specific to the contracts being negotiated and the requesting governments.

Since successful investment contract negotiations typically require a range of expertise, the experts provided by the CONNEX Support Unit can include not only lawyers, but also financial and industry experts, business strategy specialists, economists, environmental specialists, community development specialists, geologists, mining engineers, or any other discipline needed in the context of specific project negotiations.

Flexible in format 
Support provided includes direct advice and expertise as well as capacity development during the negotiation process, also covering the pre- and post-negotiation phase. The CONNEX Support Unit is designed to complement assistance offered by other initiatives and cooperates with a range of partner organizations.