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Negotiation Support Forum

The CONNEX Negotiation Support Forum (NSF) was established in December 2015 on the initiative of Germany at the OECD Development Center: It aims to improve knowledge sharing and peer-learning on contract negotiation support among partner countries, support providers and investors. The NSF is an integral part of the OECD Policy Dialogue on Natural Resource-based Development and convenes for plenary meetings every six months at the OECD in Paris. Currently, the NSF is co-chaired by Germany and Guinea.

So far, the NSF has helped to improve understanding around investors’ interests, risks and needs, and host governments’ objective to use resources for shared prosperity and sustainable development. While no silver bullet solution exists as each deal reflects specific circumstances and economic equilibrium considerations, the NSF is working towards building a shared knowledge base to:

  1. bridge asymmetry of information and capabilities;
  2. build mutual trust and collective understanding among stakeholders of each other’s interests, positions and limitations;
  3. foster alignment towards shared objectives, common standards and workable approaches for durable and balanced extractive contracts.

The tripartite structure of the NSF, involving host governments extractive industries and civil society, is fully in line with the expectations of the SDGs which require all stakeholders to play a role to support the achievement of the 2030 sustainable development agenda.

The CONNEX Support Unit encourages and supports the participation of representatives from developing countries at the plenary meetings of the NSF in Paris.

For more information on the discussions held so far, outcomes as well as upcoming meetings please consult the website of the OECD Policy Dialogue on Natural Resource-based Development.